Aether 2016

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1- Mu 4.10
2- Full of Stars 3.54
3- Puma Punku 7.17
4- Atlantic Mist 5.60
5- Wolf Rayet 104 9.20
6- Leonardo 5.20
7- Tabula Smaragdina 5.50
8- Where will we arrive the sun no longer shines 6.50
9- Angy 6.00
10- Aether 6.50
11- Zero 9.14

Running time 71.10min.


The Aether album, was developed between 2014 and 2016, recorded at Setúbal, Portugal at Jos d’Almeida private studios.

The album has eleven Electronic Vintage musical themes and running time of 71 minutes. Definition 24bits/44.1KHz, Digital Recorded and Digital Mix.

Aether sound landscape represents the period after mass extinction where the creators will arrive over again and everything will have a new start, sending the first space probes.

Definition of creator: Humanoid being originating from the Multiverse, from a civilization with millions of years of existence and like many others civilizations from Multiverse create and leave in development new civilizations.

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